Protect Your Vehicle and the Investment You Have In It
For many of us, our vehicles are the second largest investment we make.  As with any investment, it should be cared for.  Doing so will insure you get the best return on that investment when you sell it. 

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions by our customers.  We hope you find the answers informative.  Please know we are here to serve all of your needs when it comes to caring for your cars' finish - both inside and out.

What is the best way to protect my new car's finish?
Waxes, polymers, and sealants are all designed to guard against the elements.
We use Meguiar's products.  Waxes and polymers do a terrific job.  Their synthetic sealants are designed to last longer and really benefit darker colors, which are more impacted by the sun and other impediments.
Depending on how long the vehicle is left in the elements, it should be waxed 3-5 times a year.  Although sealants are slightly more expensive, they usually last almost twice as long as a wax, so they are very cost effective.
What are the advantages of regularly detailing my vehicle?
Acid rain, industrial pollution, road grime and UV rays cannot penetrate a well protected finish.  You will eliminate or retard fading, oxidation and general contamination by waxing your vehicle regularly.  Bug guard services protect your vehicle from permanent damage caused by the sun baking those pesky critters into your clear coat. 
My car is older.  How do I restore the finish if it is not perfect or needs work?
Oxidation occurs when exposure to the environment dries out the clear coat, causing it to lose both color and gloss.  Light to moderate oxidation can be removed by applying a "cleaner" wax.  More extreme levels of oxidation will require high speed compounding followed by applying a polish.  This process will restore the luster to most car finishes and will also remove small scratches and swirls. 
I see water spots on the paint.  Can these be removed?
There are essentially 3 types of water spots.  The least harmful can be removed simply by rewashing and drying the vehicle.  If the spots have become embedded in the clear coat, a 3 step process starting with a light compound, is the only way to extract them.
What about my headlights?  They are not as bright as they once were?
Over time, grit and other pollutants can scratch the lenses covering your headlights.  Unlike other detail centers, we don't just polish the lens.  That doesn't last.  Our technicians complete a multi-step operation, starting with lightly sanding the lens and finishing with a polish.  This headlight restoration service takes about 20 minutes, and will dramatically improve the brightness of your lights.  Night driving will be much safer.
What about the interior of my vehicle?  What can you do for me there?
What is the difference between an express and full service detail service?
Express services take about 20 minutes after your car wash, require no appointment, and are beneficial to cars that have had reasonable care.  Each service is $34.99.  Larger vehicles are slightly more expensive.
Full detail services usually require an appointment, can take up to 3-4 hours for a complete inside and outside restoration, and are generally reserved for vehicles that need more work to return to that "new car" condition.  Prices run from $99.00 to $249.00 for a "complete".  Larger vehicles and extreme situations will be slightly higher.
Ask us for a brochure or go to our Services page to get a full price list.
Do You detail boats and RV's?
Absolutely.  Gel-coat is very porous and needs more care than your car.  Prices are based on length and needs.
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Hamilton Mill Car Wash & Auto Spa has a full range of express and full interior detail services.  We can remove hard to reach dirt and dust from all vents and difficult to reach crevices.  Your dash and console will look terrific.
Carpets can be shampooed and mats cleaned.  Coffee stains and other unsightly blemishes will be eliminated (red, blue and yellow stains from soft drink dyes may be permanently embedded if they are not removed soon after spilling).
Upholstery services are our specialty - cloth or leather.  Cloth seats will be cleaned; leather seats are cleaned and conditioned.
What do you do to make sure my car is done right?
We do a final Quality Contol check....but that's not enough.  Before you leave we ask you to make sure everything was done to your satisfaction.  We won't let you drive away unless you're completely happy!